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12-06-2012, 09:26
I have a book by Doug J Banham entitled "Pub Signs of Bristol in the 1980's". When I say book, I use the term loosely - it's printed on A4 and bound, so it's not a published one as such. Furthermore, it does not, as you might expect, contain any pictures or photographs, it's all text.

It is does however offer an interesting snapshot of Bristol pubs from that era. Besides a description of the sign, and how the name/sign came about, there is also in many cases a history of the pub in question together with any other names that it may have had previously. There are also other sections on the history of Inn Signs, Insignia of the Brewer and pubs that have been lost in Bristol since the 1930's. It runs to approx. 170 pages.

It's possible that it may have been a draft copy before subsequent publication - some of the listing end with sentences such as "Signs of 1984 and 1987" suggesting that there should be pictures, but sadly there are not. If it was ever published, I cannot find any reference to it.

I'm not looking to sell it, just pass it on to a good home. I know there are many people on this site who are far more interested in pub history than I am. So if you'd be interested, please get in touch. You can either collect it if you're local, or just send me something to cover the postage.

18-06-2012, 08:26

You have PM.