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22-05-2012, 09:15
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Somehow, inexplicably, you’ve ended up with a four-pack of Fosters in your fridge. It’s taking up valuable beer or food space but you don’t want to throw it away. Here’s your solution: home hop it.

It’s easy. Take one Home Hopper (some people also use them to make coffee), throw in a handful of whole flower hops, preferably something super citrusy or floral from America, and pour your beer over it (though watch out for the foam explosion. See: nucleation points). Give it a few minutes, swirl it around, press the plunger gently down and pour your delicious American-hopped lager into your favourite glass.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-caYibP9diAk/T7tKlbx7WJI/AAAAAAAACGs/r0fLE9uLhCk/s320/CIMG9418.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-caYibP9diAk/T7tKlbx7WJI/AAAAAAAACGs/r0fLE9uLhCk/s1600/CIMG9418.JPG)

This home hopping device can be the saviour from those bad or boring beers you end up collecting in the fridge (and it needn't just be lager - use it for those bland brown bitters). Rather than hitting the drain, pour them over flower hops and see how they become delicious new drinks.

This does genuinely work, for those wondering. I used Citra hops and the lager had this beautiful peachy, grassy, tropical aroma to it, even after just a minute or two, and it completely changed the beer. The only issue was that the hops and the plunger kicked the carbonation out of the beer, but I think that sacrificing bubbles for hop aroma is a fair swap.


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