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06-05-2012, 14:17
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Real-time blogging. That must be a groovy, modern thing. Time to give it a go. Modern, groovy a desciption of me. 35 years ago. In my dreams.

Back to beer, which I seem to remember was my theme here.

Recipes. Why do I publish them? In the hope someone will brew them and send me a bottle or two. It does occasionally work. As in the Younger's No. 3 recreation in my nonic right now. (You can see it below. Admittedly, the level of liquid is somewht lower now. Mmmm. Now lower still).

I've just cracked one open. Love the labels. And the hop character. Very yummy. A genuine Scotch Ale, though not what anyone would expect. Like Pretty Things XXXX but hoppier and more bitter.

Nice colour, don't you think?

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YtnqyE2sirk/T6aBu9omyWI/AAAAAAAAI-Q/UyBCzlv0a1c/s640/Youngers_No_3.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YtnqyE2sirk/T6aBu9omyWI/AAAAAAAAI-Q/UyBCzlv0a1c/s1600/Youngers_No_3.jpg)

Please be encouraged by this to send me beer. Especially Scottish stuff. I'm tired of trying to drink numbers.

Still not quite finished the beer. Really good balance of fruity stuff, hoppy stuff and bittery stuff. With a dollop of yumminess.

You can see why I avoid writing beer reviews.

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