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05-05-2012, 17:32
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Now this is more like it. Stalls dedicated to craft beers and bottles in fridges. Hops everywhere. There's even a double IPA. 'Aw man, the line for Big Eye is always the longest,' says the guy behind me in the queue for the Ballast Point.

Two home runs in the first innings - that's the beer and the game. 5-0 to Miami and San Diego are down. Stone, Karl Strass, Kona, Ballast Point, New Belgium, Widmer and others. And it's spread around the ballpark; it's not hidden away. There's even a fancy wine shop selling carafes.

They take the drinks seriously at Petco Park. It's just a shame the players don't score as many hits as the beer bars.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/8717216232742676074-5017687879932523829?l=www.pencilandspoon.com

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