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28-04-2012, 16:26
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We leave Metropolitan Brewing Co and jump on the red line to U.S Cellular Field to see the White Sox. There's some craft beer here and we need to find it...

Miller Lite, PBR, Genuine Draft, Coors. Then the Midwest Brews stall with the longest line in the ball park.

Bell's, Summit, Leinenkugel and others. We take an IPA but I don't remember the brewery. Having just left there, we also get a Metropolitan Krank Shaft, a Kolsch, beautifully clean and soft with stone fruit and balanced hops. Perfect ball game beer.

We also get a PBR. Just because. It's not very good. And we see the Red Sox sock it to the White Sox.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/8717216232742676074-2096262375627225147?l=www.pencilandspoon.com

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