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19-04-2012, 09:33
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-eRdMKvzA2hU/T4_N1p_Q7mI/AAAAAAAAAUo/kxSxWD_FsNo/s320/008.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-eRdMKvzA2hU/T4_N1p_Q7mI/AAAAAAAAAUo/kxSxWD_FsNo/s1600/008.JPG)
It is common knowledge around these parts that 'the Grove' is closing soon for refurbishment. (don't ask when, I still have no idea). However this week has seen some of their new glasses arrive on the bar, and pretty good they are too. Sturdy oversized pint glasses with a discreet logo on them. The glass feels good in the hand, and as is the pub policy they are lined.

The smaller glasses have baffled me a bit. Again, they are of the same style as the pint glass but are 2/3 pint size rather than half pint, although lined for half pints. I am a bit confused as the measure. I understand 1/3 measures, great for sampling the stronger beers, but 2/3, what is that about ? I have yet to find anyone who goes into a pub and consciously orders 2/3 of a pint. The measure makes the glass brimful, thereby negating the reasoning for an oversize glass, which seems to defeat the object a little. I have already heard of punters complaining they want their half topped up because they feel they have been shortmeasured because of the glass size.

Maybe I am missing something, if I am I am sure someone will let me know, but is this measure really useful to anyone ? The drinker is used to pints, halves and, more recently, thirds, the bar staff will have problems working out the price of the beer, some of which does not easily divide into thirds of a unit, and the possibility of confusion over volume is endless, wasting the time of the bar staff explaining the measure to customers.

So enjoy the glasses, enjoy the beer. May be I am just a moaning dinosaur, only time will tell !!

And before you tell me, I know the picture is a pint glass, have not a picture of the offending glass yet ! https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5761264498865183675-8381082637348073586?l=www.aswiftone.com

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