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19-04-2012, 09:12
We are taking the caravan to Ferry Meadows near Peterborough on Sunday to visit the beer festival at the Hand and Heart that starts on Monday and is on all week. Bram doesn't open till 3pm so we are looking to visit other places during our 3 night visit there.

Sunday we can catch no 1 to Cherry Tree, a GBG pub, then walk to Coalheavers as their beer festival finishes then and there may well be some interesting beers still around. We can get back on the number 1 bus to Werrington as there is a Good Beer Guide pub there that needs both a review and a photo. We would get off at the Three Horseshoes, so might as well pop in there to do a review, then walk to the GBG pub, the Ploughman which seems to have done a turn around from a no real ale pub to one that wins CAMRA awards.

Monday we can bus in and do Charters, Drapers JDW, Brewey Tap and another GBG pub we haven't been to before, Ostrich, then back on No 1 bus to Hand and Heart for their fest.

Tuesday could be similar to Monday.

Sounds like a plan. Anyone know the Ploughman pub? Doesn't look the easiest of pubs to get to by googling as it appears to be in the middle of Staniland Way despite being No 1.


19-04-2012, 12:47
I don't know the Ploughman but see it won local poty 2011, one for the list then!
Google suggests that it should be on corner of Staniland and Goodwin, although Streetview purports that to be Olympus House, and the area something of a business park... One to call in advance to check, I think, Gill.

I'm pleased, but somewhat amazed, that Hand & Heart is still even open as they were bemoaning, a few years back, a fall in custom due to local populace being displaced by migrant workers - I seem to recall it being a quiet but cracking community local, though I wouldn't have put it down as a festival venue; good on 'em!

19-04-2012, 20:54
I have been to Hand & Heart before, and it was in a community area. Bram has been running it for a while now, and does have regular fests there. We will have a good time whatever or wherever we get to, but we want to get round the Good Beer Guide pubs. My problem is remembering to get a photo of the Ploughmans as well as the review.