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Al 10000
17-04-2012, 16:57
Hi Conrad / Admins

When i add a new pub to the site which is still open it seems that a person sets its area as soon as the pub is approved for the site.

I dont mind this as it means i dont have to do it but i was wondering how they know the pub has been added to the site the second after you have done it.

The person doing this does not contribute any reviews or photos to the site.

Cheers Alan

17-04-2012, 18:29
Al, this person wouldn't happen to be Dave McNally would it? aka Dave M.

I personally look up all todays new pubs and add the area to any that Dave doesn't know/do.

It saves having to trawl through areas that previously had no Arealess pubs. :cheers:

Dave M
17-04-2012, 23:21
Hi Alan,

I think ROB has pretty much answered it.

When I am approving new pubs that have been submitted I will usually only set an area when it is something pretty clear cut like a separate village. Even then it is embarrassing how many I miss. :muppet:

If it is something where a decision needs to be made, like districts of a postal towns I generally feel it is better left for someone other than me to decide. Which is where our resident area corrector ROB comes in and does an incredible job! :notworthy:

Al 10000
18-04-2012, 14:33
Thanks for that Rob and Dave,

You learn something new every day.