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15-04-2012, 17:22
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Threebeers from Hawkshead Brewery (http://www.hawksheadbrewery.co.uk/), all 6% ABV, all part of a new Well Hopped (http://www.hawksheadbrewery.co.uk/news_more.asp?news_id=89) range.

WindermerePale includes Goldings and Citra. Really pale gold with a thick white foam.Citra jumps out first with that pungently sharp grapefruit, pine and orangecharacter, then the bitterness is like a steam roller, hitting the tongue andgrowing and growing and never giving up but never getting too much. Somethingpeachy pokes through then come grapes and elderflower and a big fruit bowl ofother delicious things. The doesn’t interfere with all those hops, which is agood thing.

CumbrianFive Hop includes Fuggles, Citra and Amarillo. It’s darker than WindermerePale, pouring an amber colour. Lush apricot-like Amarillo comes first, thenjuicy tangerines, then some earthy, herbal stuff in the background. The malt ismore bulky in this, giving a more rounded texture and some tangy caramel tohold everything together. Where the bitterness in Windemere Pale hits andgrows, this one hits and hangs around throughout. For me, it doesn’t have the impactof the other two, but it’s still damn delicious.

NewZealand Pale Ale is Green Bullet, Motueka, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin. Thosenames alone are enough to get my thirst raging. I might not have smelt a more awesomebeer this year. Oranges, tangerines, pineapple, perfumy grape flesh, nectarines– it’s like fruit juice and I love that. The colour is right between the othertwo and it holds a beautiful foam throughout – the foam on all these beers isexcellent. The body is big but somehow doesn’t have a noticeable malt profile –it’s just somehow there holding the hops up onto a big platform for them toholler out loud. Bitterness kicks on the way down and just makes you want todrink more. Beautiful.

Ashowcase of hops and a showcase of great brewing – these three are really excellent.They are all made on cask as well, though Windermere Pale and Cumbrian Five Hopare both much bigger in bottle. One complaint, which is pedantically minor, is that Iwant to know all of the hop varieties used in each beer not just two or threeof the five. At least the NZPA tells me everything that’s in there.

Idon’t drink enough Hawkshead beer. I need to drink more because they make very goodbeer.

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