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15-04-2012, 15:11
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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Ycz5BFZdIRU/T4rfXWp-39I/AAAAAAAAATM/KIXaJUv9v80/s400/cask-logo.png (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Ycz5BFZdIRU/T4rfXWp-39I/AAAAAAAAATM/KIXaJUv9v80/s1600/cask-logo.png)
On Saturday May 5th, we roll into the capital with our biggest & most ambitious tap takeover yet, only possible thanks to those wonderful people who bring you the Cask/Craft estate in London & Brighton.

We are bringing TWENTY exciting beers to town, 10 Cask & 10 Keg, we plan to showcase the huge variety of styles we brew & how they can suit varying dispense methods.

On the day there will be anything from a cask Dark Mild to a Keg Double IPA & EVERYTHING in between. There will also be the opportunity to compare & contrast Diablo & Mokko on cask & keg which should make for an interesting talking point.


KopiKat Imperial Stout - Clynelish 14yr - ABV TBC Barrel Aged 6mth***Exclusive Launch***
KopiKat Imperial Stout - Caol Ila 27yr - ABV TBC Barrel Aged 6mth ***Exclusive Launch***
Saison Duport - 6.0% (Collab Brew with Magic Rock, Redwillow, Dark Star & Quantum on Saison Dupont yeast strain)
Mokko Milk Stout 6.0%
Diablo IPA 6.0%
Kahuna NZ IPA 6.0%
Surfing Monk 6.0% (NZ & AUS Hopped on a Belgian Yeast)
Reaper Red IPA 7.4%
Cohort Belgian Black Rye PA 7.5%
Maelstrom DIPA 9.0%


Resistance Dark Mild - 3.7%
Zenith Pale Ale - 4.0%
Gambit Pale Ale - 4.2%
Barista Espresso Stout - 4.8%
Teleporter - 5.0%
Rouge Hop - 5.0%
Diablo IPA - 6.0%
Upstream Pale Ale - 3.8%
Oregon Pale Ale - 5.5%
Mokko Milk Stout - 6.0%

So if you can make it to SW1 on May 5th @ 5pm we look forward to having a beer with you & talking you through who we are, what we do & where we're going.

See you there!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5pXiCn88hUg/T4rh2u9zF5I/AAAAAAAAATU/ir2NaeVH69s/s400/cask_pub_kitchen_outside_02.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5pXiCn88hUg/T4rh2u9zF5I/AAAAAAAAATU/ir2NaeVH69s/s1600/cask_pub_kitchen_outside_02.jpg)

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