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28-03-2012, 14:31
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Pan-toasted & ground grains of paradise
added to rhubarb & vanilla!!

Hi everybody! How's tricks? Enjoying the sunshine? Well thenthat means it's time for a beer then doesn't it?

Tonight my lovely fellow beer writer Pete Brown(@petebrownbeer) will be launching his Ilkley Brewery (@ilkleybrewery)collaboration Medina, which is a Moroccan inspired saison with some yummyspices in it.

Then on Monday April 2, I shall be hosting a beer and foodextravaganza at Meantime Old Brewery with head brewer Rod Jones, which I'mreally looking forward to - details here including a full menu.

Then, on Tuesday April 3, if you have nothing better to doyou can come and laugh and point at me through the windows of the Tap Eastbrewery, as new head brewer Jim Wilson as we knock together a pale ale, launchdate of which is currently TBC.

Finally, on Wednesday April 4, I shall be launching mycollab beer with Ilkley Brewery, which is also a saison called Siberia, whichhas been made with Yorkshire forced rhubarb, vanilla, grains of paradise andorange peel - yep, another mental one from me! I am getting to try it for thefirst time tonight, so I'll give you an update after that, but the boys fromthe north assure me it's tasting mighty fine!

Here's the agenda for the pub crawl we're embarking on,which could be dangerous as this beer has rocked out at 5.9%, eek!

5.30pm: The Bull, Highgate
6.45pm Southampton Arms
8.15pm Draft House Tower Bridge
9.30-close The Rake

P.S. In case you're wondering why it's called Siberia, it'sbecause rhubarb originates from Siberia, something I only found out whenresearching it - every day is, indeed, a school day! :)
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