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24-03-2012, 09:00
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fD4jkAYq27c/T22M8iVznOI/AAAAAAAAATs/e5rRLN0E3Aw/s320/bogbumper.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fD4jkAYq27c/T22M8iVznOI/AAAAAAAAATs/e5rRLN0E3Aw/s1600/bogbumper.jpg)Readers of 'A Swift One' will no doubt be aware of the literary skills of the editorial team, (stop it, I can hear the laughing already !), but what readers may not know is that we possess other talents as well. One of us is a very skilled photographer, and another takes pictures of buses. It doesn't take a great mind to work out who is who.

This week sees the release of the first of Mallinsons range of bird photos that Will has taken, and a pretty fine photo it is too. And the beer is not bad either. So when you order a pint of 'Bogbumper' just take a few seconds to peruse the pump clip and appreciate the picture. Will has even taken the trouble to make it easier for us none bird people to identify by giving it its proper name in brackets

But if birds are not your thing, Mallinsons 'National 2' will be soon be on the bar, I will admit it was a bit easier to take a picture of a static bus than a moving bird but I like it anyway.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5761264498865183675-8202486131603020311?l=www.aswiftone.com

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