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18-03-2012, 08:25
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Whilst trawling through this months 'Buses' magazine, I found a great article that would combine two of my interests at once, a pub crawl by bus. I know this is not a new phenomenon, people have used coaches to trip round pubs for years but this is a 'proper' bus service, registered for one day that allows its users to hop on and hop off where they wanted at several rural pubs in Flintshire in North Wales. Buses served pubs in outlying villages, all with real ale pubs, and operated a 20 minute frequency to allow people to get about and sample plenty of beers and plenty of pubs that they would not usually get chance to visit in a single day.

Sounds a great idea. It would be superb to have something similar round Huddersfield, we have plenty of pubs that would benefit from a similar initiative and give drinkers chance to get out to some of the pubs in the wilds that they rarely visit. And hopefully boost the interest in real ale, and real pubs. And of course, buses.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5761264498865183675-2581316061969618171?l=www.aswiftone.com

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