View Full Version : FAO Admin

29-02-2012, 19:49
I have a review for a locked pub and was wondering if it would be unlocked again. Having a look at the activity page it would seem that there was some strange stuff going on, but this was in sept 2010.




Galore Admin
29-02-2012, 21:05
Ah the joyous pub that was allegedly hosting BNP meetings. To say the site was abused was an understatement. Let me check into it, if people are still being mad about it then it is probably more hassle than it is worth.

Galore Admin
02-03-2012, 15:11
Should now be unlocked. Google places are doing their standard effort of vetting their posts: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/place?q=&hl=en&cid=15992680878275249442

Looks like the hubbub has died off now, I still wonder if it was hosting the BNP, it really wouldn't surprise me if it was made up.