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28-02-2012, 07:16
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The Brewer's Guardian had an article on the story I spoke about yesterday -about Sam Adams Boston Lager being brewed by Shepherd Neame. I was quite struck by this quote from Sam Adams founder Jim Koch. The articles says that Koch also has a message for any doubters: "Taste it. Unless you’ve become wedded to slight oxidation it’ll be better. It will be a better Samuel Adams than you’ve been getting because it’ll be fresher."

Now let's dissect that statement. Firstly "it will be fresher". Unarguable. Secondly "it will be better" presumably because fresh beer tastes better. OK. And lastly, though he says it first, "Unless you’ve become wedded to slight oxidation it’ll be better" Right. So all Sam Adams beer is slightly oxidised, which presumably means that much imported beer is slightly oxidised?Presumably many beer geeks forking up top dollar for all these fancy imports are, in some cases at least, getting slightly oxidised beer? Of course, many are so strong and strongly flavoured that it will scarcely show and hardly be noticed, but does anyone observe staleness in imported beers?

Not that this should matter to any great extent (some would argue that cask conditioning is all about serving oxidised beer) as long as people are happy with what they are drinking. But it is instructive to know it.

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