View Full Version : Setting Pubs areas

Al 10000
25-02-2012, 13:37
Hi Conrad / Admins,

In the past when i added a certain pub to a new area or one already listed, once i clicked on the area it then appeared at the top of the page but over the last few days this does not happen which then makes me wonder if i have set the area or not as there is no reminder at the top of the page saying which areas i have added.
Is this the new way of doing this or is it a slight glich in the system.

Cheers Alan

25-02-2012, 16:30
I've just encountered the same issue.

Also, the 'Cancel' button doesn't seem to be working at the moment (as I found out when I managed to add a new area with a typo in it...).

Galore Admin
25-02-2012, 16:53
Yep, I can reproduce both of those and have uploaded fixes for both.

Sorry about these, there has been a major rewrite involving a change of technologies and the odd thing will creep through (sadly it would seem a few odd things have crept through).

Just let me know if it is still causing you bother.

25-02-2012, 17:08
Yes, both now seem to be fixed - many thanks!