View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 19th Febuary 2012)

14-02-2012, 11:56
Oggwyn Trench: Kelham Island Bohemian Rhapsody
Bucking Fastard: Oakham JHB
Old Blue: Thornbridge Pica Pica
Al 10000: Hambleton Nightmare
oldboots: Magic Rock Rapture
ROBCamra: Worsthorne Some Like It Blonde
Wittenden: Kirkstall Black Band Porter
gillhalfpint: North Star Big Dipper
Pubsignman: Marble Draft
RogerB: Dark Star Partridge
Quinno: Purity Mad Goose

15-02-2012, 15:34
Pleasant, gentle start to the drinking week in The Baum last night.

Ossett Snow Drop was very good as was the Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde Mild.

Hornbeam Citrus Temptation was tasty and the Fugelstou FSB was as well but a bit strong.

Burscough Priory Blonde didn't do it for me at all.

Also on the bar, but untried on this occastion were Marston's EPA and Boggart I Am Beer.

Introduced on to the bar this week were Fiddlers Crisps.

Made on a farm near Ormskirk for the last 50 years. They grow the potatoes, slice & cook them and then put them in the packets.

The Salt & Elleseys Vinegar ones tasted like chips with salt and vinegar on. I thought they were really good and I'm not really a crisp fan.

They even tell you which family member cooked them on the packet. :notworthy:

They're flying off the bar at the moment, one couple had 5 bags yesterday!!

Back to the beer and The Oscar Wilde Mild is winning at the moment. :cheers:

Oggwyn Trench
19-02-2012, 17:19
OK session yesterday with a mini crawl of Wellington to start

Salopian - Golden Thread
Salopian - Shropshire Gold
Marstons - Sweet Chariot
Lymestone - Heart of Stone
Mallinsons - Mars
Kelham Island - Bohemian Rhapsody
Oakham - JHB
Milestone - Black Pearl

BOTW Kelham Island - Bohemian Rhapsody

Bucking Fastard
19-02-2012, 17:27
A very modest week for me ,but the BOTW was Oakham JHB which has that citrus bitterness typical of the Oakham house style,if rather restained compared with their higher ABV brews.A decent and cheap pint in The Three Magnets,Letchworth Garden City.

Next week I am getting into training for the PuG Liverpool meet up with different drinking groups on the last Thusday:drinkup: and last Friday:drinkup: of the month.

Old Blue
19-02-2012, 17:32
Not much out of the ordinary for me this week, I only clocked up two Itchen Valley beers - Fagins and Godfathers - both of which started off pretty tasteless but improved as I got through the pint - and a Thornbridge Pica Pica, probably the best pint the Marquis of Granby in Westminster has ever managed to serve me.

Al 10000
19-02-2012, 17:44
My beer of the week goes to Hamblton Nightmare a very drinkable dark beer at 5% this was tried in the new Spoons in Stapleford.

19-02-2012, 19:33
Simple - Magic Rock Rapture - head and shoulders above anything else this week.

21-02-2012, 17:21
Despite the charms of Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde, I'm going to choose a BOTW from Derby.

All 3 of the beers I had in The Flowerpot were excellent with the best being Black Iris Great Eastern which is brewed at the pub.

Good news that the brewery is open again after the untimely death of the breweer from Headless who used to brew here.

My favourite beer at the festival was Worsthorne Some Like It Blonde.

The festival was a bit of a shambles to be honest with none of the beers being in alphabetical order which made finding a specific beer a nightmare.

They've got a lot still to learn before they'll be ready to run the National Winter Ales Festival.

They hadn't learned enough from last year to make this years smooth and there's only one more year to go.

Anyway BOTW is going to be the Worsthorne, so they did get something right. :cheers:

21-02-2012, 17:56
We had a busy week as we did Derby Winter Ales Wednesday and had a day in Sheffield for the Shakespeare fest.

My BOTW also goes to a Derby fest one, North Star Big Dipper.

We found it frustrating not being able to go into the carriage room for beers between 2 and 5pm when it was trade day, and neither room seemed to know where Scarborough brewery was, each sending me to the other room till I presumed it must still be on the floor somewhere. My suggestion would be forget the music, put all the food, chocolate, and side stalls in the carriage room and have triple stillage in the main room so all the beers can be alphabetically round one room.

21-02-2012, 19:26
Found quite a lot of good beer this week, but nothing really got close to Marble Draft in the Baum, Rochdale. Great pub and a great, citrusy session beer.

Also enjoyed Goose Eye Black Moor, Boggart Cascade and Nethergate Mary's Ruby Mild among others.

21-02-2012, 23:01
A good week for a lightweight (see Boak and Bailey's recent post..).No duff pints, perhaps a few dull 'uns.
Copper Dragon
• Best Bitter
• Goldne Pippin
• Freddie Truman’s ale
• Farmers Blonde
• Farmers Windy Cow
North Yorkshire Brewing
• Archbishop Lee’s Ruby Ale
• Golden Ale (Black Swan Golden Ale)
Yorkshire Dales
• Muker Silver
Thornbridge Hall
• Kipling
• Black Band Porter
Magic Rock
• High Wire
• Decade
• Yorkshire Terrier
• Gold
• XB
Best Bitter

My BOTW-Kirstall Black Band Porter : excellent stuff-solid, serious and sensual.

22-02-2012, 09:31
Had a similar scenario to the previous week in that whilst the local landlord is on hols and we've had no Sunday quiz night, we have decided to crawl an unfashionable area. The previous week in Lewsham was surprisingly fruitful and this week in Belvedere threw up a couple of surprises in both the quality of pubs and beers available. The Olde Leather Bottle had potentially the favourite but the hand written pump clip merely said Dirty Tackle 4%. A bit of research shows a Wychwood Dirty Tackle but at 4.4% although would tie in with Hobgoblin being their other beer. I'll play safe and instead go for the Dark Star Partridge I had in the nearby Prince of Wales.

23-02-2012, 11:54
Purity Mad Goose at the Nags for me :)

27-02-2012, 23:59
Another late entry as explained. My Beer of the Week for this week was Kingsdown Ale from Arkells Brewery.