View Full Version : Slight adjustments in Middlesbrough area

Wild Rover
29-01-2012, 16:10
The Fountain Hotel at Ormesby is just The Fountain

The Poverina Inn at Normanby is just The Poverina

The Miners Arms at Eston is just The Miners

The Endeavour Hotel in Middlesbrough is just The Endeavour

Galore Admin
30-01-2012, 06:41
Hi Wild Rover,

We have corrected the names of The Fountain (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/4106/), The Poverina (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/4144/), The Miners (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/4131/) and The Endeavour (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/4101/).

Thanks for those.